Book Centered Lessons


Life is stories. 

Length: 45 minutes
Who it’s for: Ages 4–7

Our picture book workshops are like Story Time at the library and are intended for younger children. Each focuses on a book that involves blindness in some way or features a character who is blind. Creative dramatics, simple games, music, and art strengthen children’s understanding of the book’s message. Each workshop is led by a person who is sighted and a person who is blind, who reads the book in braille. 45 minutes. For ages 4–7.

The Black Book of Colors  

A young girl explains how her brother may not have any sight, but he certainly knows what colors are. Meant to be read with the fingers instead of the eyes, this extraordinary book allows sighted readers to experience colors the way people who are blind do: through the other senses. The illustrations are black-on-black, and the prose is lyrical.

Following Papa’s Song  

Exploring the ocean with his father, a baby whale wonders what could be far below, where he cannot see. He dives deeply and loses his way. His father tells him to list to the song of the whales to guide himself to safety. For the blind, the story is especially poignant because they know the power of music and song. The story is also about the love between father and son that as can be as deep as the darkest sea and strong enough to help navigate in times of trouble.

Naomi Knows It’s Spring  

Naomi celebrates every sign of spring, from “the wind that kisses her check” and the “lilies and lilacs perfuming the yard” to the “squeaks of newborn nestlings. “Readers are surprised to learn, near the end of the story, that Naomi is blind. She overhears a neighbor, “If only Naomi could see the blue of the sky,” and she thinks, “If only Mrs. Jensen could see the rainbow in my mind.”

Lucy’s Picture  

Lucy’s grandfather is coming to visit, and she wants to make something special for him. While the rest of the class paints, she asks to “stick things on” to make a picture of her grandfather in the park.”She scavenges through the kindergarten scrapbag, gives up her recess to gather twigs, sand, and a feather, and secretly cuts off a piece of her own blonde hair. At the end of the day, the reason she insisted on making a collage is revealed: Lucy’s grandfather is blind. The hair? His guide dog, Sunny.

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Tools and materials for a bookmaking activity, including colorful paper, a ruler, an awl, pencils, a bone burnishing tool, and finished handmade booklets