Group Tours

Guided Museum Tour. 

We offer guided group tours of the museum Monday through Saturday. Our tours last about an hour, but they can be customized to meet your schedule. Our facility can handle up to sixty visitors at a time but scheduling may be limited by staff availability. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance.

Museum display case featuring magazines in alternative formats and talking book machines

The classic APH Factory Tour. 

Adults and children (fourth grade and higher) are invited to see the production of braille, the Talking Book studio, and demonstrations of educational materials designed for people with visual impairments. Available Monday through Thursday. Contact us ahead for special Friday availability. Tours of the plant are not available on Saturdays.

Closeup of green metal casing on a printing press in a museum exhibit. Cast into the frame at right is "Bobst." Painted onto the casing in red is "Mr. Swiss."

A tour for younger children. 

Our Focus on Braille tour for students in first, second, or third grade combines a tour of the braille book production process in the factory, an interactive exploration of educational aids, and a visit to the museum galleries. This tour is available Monday through Thursday. Contact us for special Friday availability.

Two boys in t-shirts touch the pages of a large braille encyclopedia

Customize your tour. 

Let us design a tour to fit the needs of your particular group. APH staff specialists are available to talk about a variety of blindness-related subjects. Examples include “What to Do When You Meet a Blind Person” (e.g., interactions with people who are visually impaired, dog guides, speech etiquette) or “APH as a Resource” (classroom activities or personal research).

A woman describes a museum exhibit while children crowd in, with one boy raising his hand to get the woman's attention