Closeup of keyboard on black braillewriter with stenciled gold lettering above keys reading "The Perkins Braillewriter"

When we say everyone is welcome, we mean everyone. 

The Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind strives to accommodate all visitors. Some accessibility features include:

  • APH is located on TARC routes 15 and 19. The bus stop is on the southwest corner of the APH property. You can find TARC route planning tools here. Louisville also has cab and ride sharing services.

  • Service animals specially trained to assist a person with a disability are valued in all APH facilities. You can use the front lawn area to relieve your animal as needed.

  • Our main entrance at 1839 Frankfort Avenue — in a building set back from the road — is accessible to visitors with limited mobility. There is free parking in the front of our building. Curb cuts, a gently sloping ramp used by all visitors, a continuous handrail, and automatic doors allow accessible access to our lobby. If you arrive by cab or shared ride service, ask the driver to use the driveway entrance and drop you off at the base of the paved ramp leading to the front doors. An aluminum handrail on your right will guide you to the front doors. If you arrive on foot, you can avoid a stairwell by using the driveway entrance only. If you have any questions, contact APH at 502-895-2405 and a staff member can assist you.

  • The lobby and museum restrooms are accessible to those with limited mobility or in wheelchairs. A family/companion care restroom is located on the first floor off the lobby.

  • Wheelchair loans are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Our exhibit labels are available in large print, braille, and on audio wands. Handheld magnification devices are available for loan.

  • Video presentations are open captioned.

  • Our reading rails are set at wheelchair height.

  • Multiple tactile elements are included throughout the facility. Tactile and/or verbal description tours can be arranged upon request at the front desk without special arrangement.

  • Sign language interpretation for scheduled tours can be arranged by contacting the museum; two weeks advance notice is appreciated.

  • Access services for public programs can be arranged by contacting the museum in advance.

  • Aira Access mobile information and verbal description service is available. Visitors can download the free Aira app on their smartphone, or borrow a unit free of charge, and use the app to speak to an Aira agent using minutes provided courtesy of the American Printing House for the Blind.