Yokohama Christian School for the Blind

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.1216-1262

Description: BW prints; most with inked caption on back in blue; some stamped with dates in 1951; .1216: Staff of school gathered in line in front of building labeled "Mongomery Hall"; mixture of men and women in both western and traditional Japanese dress; .1217: Five children with braille booklets on their laps sit outdoors in front of bushes, facing a man holding an open book; .1218: Irregular line of little girls stand smiling and laughing at camera; .1219: Group of children and school staff with western visitors; captioned "with American women's club members"; .1220: Five children sit outdoors in front of bushes, facing a man holding an open book; several have braille on their laps, one has an abacus; .1221: Children sit at table in classroom being watched by an adult teacher; each child has an abacus; captioned "Mathematic[sic] by abacus"; .1222: At left a line of girls sit on a bench outdoors knitting, with one adult in their midst; at left boys and girls play games on a playground; captioned "Knitting outside by Mrs. Imamura"; .1223: Children sitting on benches around edges of playground; .1224: School buildings with landscaped grounds; .1225: Children gathered in loose group looking at camera; coats and jackets suggest cool temperatures; captioned "1952--70 blind children"; .1226: Children seated in chairs in two long lines facing each other with girls on one side and boys on the other; each child holds a pair of drumsticks; captioned "Rythmn Band, by Mrs. Campbell, Ky."; .1227: Pillars at the front entrance to the school driveway, with buildings nestled amongst the trees in the background; .1228: Children sitting in rows of chairs in classroom led by two Caucasian women; captioned "English Class by Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Shugert"; .1229: Children seated on benches outdoors facing male teacher seated on ground at left; .1230: Female teacher crouches in front of far right side of line of seven young childen seated on bench outdoors; a chair of the teacher with a book on top is in right foreground; .1231: Five children with braille booklets on their laps sit outdoors in front of bushes, facing a man holding an open book; different angle but same scene as .1217; .1232: Children gathered on playground for camera; .1233: Group of eleven children of all ages sit on benches in courtyard outside buildings, with braille booklets on their laps; captioned "Reading Braille"; .1234: Large group of children in lines walking on playground; .1235: Similar scene as .1234 but a closeup of children playing on a series of graduated bars arranged at staggered heights; .1236: Children sit on benches on either side of a central table filled with teacups; captioned "tea time"; .1237: Five children sitting on bench outdoors; .1238: Children gathered in long group for a group photo in front of the school buildings; .1239: Children standing with arms straight down at their sides in rows on playground; .1240: Young children sitting in chairs in classroom with standing adults in suits and dresses smiling at right, among them Emperor Hirohito and Empress Kojun; .1241: Children sit at long table in front of window with a teacher seated at the end of the table; the chilren have their hands on open braille books; .1242: Eight children sitting on chairs gathered around a seated teacher outdoors; the teacher is wearing traditional dress and a surgical mask; .1243: Children seated at long table outdoors in front of a picket fence; a teacher stands nearby, watching as they write braille on desk slates; .1244: Children seated in rows in large room; at right a woman sits at a piano; a man wearing dark glasses and a suit stands, reading from an open braille book; captioned "Morning Service, every morning at 8:30"; .1245: Children sitting around table knitting in classroom; two women move among them, guiding their hands; .1246: Seven children sitting outdoors on benches, writing braille on desk slates; a woman sits in the middle; .1247: Nine children sit on benches, chairs, and the ground outdoors under a coniferous tree, gathered around a woman dressed in a kimono; a building is in the left background; .1248: Two rows of children smiling for camera in front of school buildings; .1249: Fourteen girls squeezing onto a bench, some sitting on others laps, giggling and smiling for the camera; .1250: Boys and girls scattered around a classroom, some on benches, some at tables, all weaving soft sided baskets or purses; captioned "Hand Work Class making bag at John Milton Workshop"; .1251: Boys sitting on ground outdoors reading braille; a woman sits in a chair behind a small tree at right; .1252: Children sitting and standing in rows at left; woman sitting on upholstered piano stool plays piano at right; captioned "Singing Class"; .1253: Children march, linked with other children or with the three adults among them by wooden rods they hold; captioned "Walking Training"; .1254: Seven children sit on benches outdoors; a teacher in sweater and skirt crouches in front of one of the boys as he smiles and waves his hands; captioned "1st grade class"; .1255: Line of children arranged along sloping roadway; they are unsmiling and one has a bandage over her head; .1256: Children sit around a round table in front of a curtain, their hands on open braille booklets in front of them; a young woman with a dark kerchief tied around her neck sits in their midst with a print book; .1257: Emperor Hirohito and Empress Kojun, center, with other officials looking on, watch children sitting at a table write braille on desk slates; captioned "The Emperor and Empress watching their fingers move"; .1258: Children sitting in circle on chairs in classroom with a female teacher in the middle; .1259: Children sitting in chairs around a wooden square table, their hands on braille books in front of them, being led by a man in a dark suit and tie who is also reading from a braille text; .1260: Children sitting in a row on a bench outdoors, writing braille on desk slates under the eye of a female teacher wearing a dark skirt and checked blouse; .1261: Woman in a kimono stands in a classroom in front of three rows of children sitting in chairs; captioned "Sunday School"; .1262: Adult men and women crowded in behind woman playing piano, singing; captioned "teachers Chorus".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1951

History/Provenance: An American Protestant missionary, Mrs. C. P. Draper, established the Yokohama Christian School for the Blind in 1880. The school stressed Western techniques and partnered with the Perkins School for the Blind.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Braille Braillewriters Christian life Classrooms Emperors Japan Orientation and mobility Playgrounds Reading School children Schools for the blind and visually impaired Singing Teachers of the blind and visually impaired Vocational education Weaving