Wright Punch Model 2600 card punch

Punch, Data

Accession Number: 1999.42.1

Description: Mechanical IBM card punch for visually impaired programmers based on the Hollerith Keypunch Code. This code is similar to braille and was fairly easy for braille readers to learn. (Sighted programmers used a typewriter keyboard.) A label on top of the punch reads "Wright Punch Model 2600, Wright Line, Worcester, Mass. USA." It also lists the key numbers, and letter and symbols code. The card punch has 13 keys attached to a movable carriage. Letters and punctuation marks are made by pressing multiple keys, and a spacing key advances the carriage. The keys punched holes into the IBM card placed beneath the carriage. Eighty columns can be punched. The card punch has a black carrying case. The lid is hinged and has a handle on top of it. A card holder is attached to the inside of the lid. Metal clasps keep the case securely closed.

Height: 5.5

Width: 4.5

Length: 18

Date Made: ca. 1973

Place of Origin: Worcester, MA

Credit Line: Gift of Larry Honaker, 1999.42

Subjects: Blind Computer programming Punched card systems Rehabilitation

Dimension Notes: 6.5 x 19.75 x 5.875 in. - case

Made: Wright Line

Material: Steel, plastic, aluminum, wood, paper

Updated: 05/24/2021