Western Electric 630-A “Eight-Ball” Microphone with acoustic baffle assembly


Accession Number: 1992.292

Description: Heavy round nickel-plated cast brass base with three tiered form, black rubber disk at base of stand pole, copper wire chase leads from base of pole to edge of base; nickel-plated brass adjustable height 2-piece pipe stand pole, thumb washer in middle allows smaller diameter upper section to slide upward and lock in place; black enameled grip at top of pole; microphone mounted to pole on hinge allowing angle to be adjusted; microphone is ball-shaped with "acoustic baffle assembly" mounted to top with three screws; cast into body "Western Electric U.S.A. 630A 1180."

Date Made: ca. 1940

Maker: Western Electric

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Subjects: Microphones Talking books

Dimension Notes: 42 3/4 in.

Made: Western Electric

Material: Steel, brass, chrome

Updated: 05/11/2021