WalkMate Ultrasonic Mobility Enhancement System

Detector, Obstacle

Accession Number: 2008.16.26

Description: (a) main unit: black plastic body, two rectangular conical openings stacked one above the other flanked by two holes, cones lined with black synthetic rubber, screen printed in gold above cones, "WALKMATE" ; black nylon webbing neck strap threaded through pins in top, sliding black plastic neck pad, buckle closure; black elastic chest strap threaded through brackets on bottom; 9v battery compartment on top rear; toggle switch on left proper to switch output from vibrate to sound, also hi-lo toggle, and jack for recharger; jack for vibrator on lowe right; (b) external vibrator unit: rectangular black plastic body, spring loaded belt clip, screen-printed in gold, "WALKMATE"; black cord with mini-RCA plug; hinged bottom door slides open, uncovering AA battery compartment; (c) AD-DC recharger in original box; (d) black plastic handle; (e) white paper 14 page operation manual; (fg) original telescoping box.

Height: 4.5

Width: 3

Depth: 2.25

Date Made: 1993

Place of Origin: Palisades Park, NJ

Collection: AER O&M Division C. Warren Bledsoe Archives

History/Provenance: AER O&M Division C. Warren Bledsoe Archives

Credit Line: Gift of Bruce Blasch, 2008.16

Subjects: Orientation and mobility Sensory aids Electronic travel aids

Dimension Notes: Main unit

Made: Safe Tech International, Inc.

Material: Plastic, nylon, paper

Updated: 04/29/2014