Use of braille books in 6th grade geography class

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.134.48.4

Description: Black-and-white glossy; there are students sitting in their desk reading braille in a circle, while in the middle, there is a Overry mode of the Sun and Earth that turns with hand crank; in the middle, the boy student, who is wearing glasses, looking at globe attach to a rod that connects to round ball (sun) and there is a girl student standing by the ball (sun) using the hand crank to rotate the earth around the sun; on the right side of the photo, there is a boy student reading braille and the woman is standing behind him with her left hand on his shoulder; in the background, there a bulletin board, on the left side, there is a door and blackboard that is partial in the photo; and in foreground left corner, there is partial edge of a desk. On the back, written in black ink "use of braille books in 6th Grade Geography class- May, 1937 The Virginia School."

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 8" (h) x 10" (w)

Date: 1937

Credit Line: (see provenance)

Subjects: Blackboards Braille Bulletin boards Desks Globes Photographs Reading Sun