Two blue-line blueprints, Handicapped Facilities for the American Printing House for the Blind (front ramp and restrooms)

Drawing, Architectural

Accession Number: 2017.25.4-5

Scope & Content: Two blue-line blueprints show revised drawings of a proposed ramp and accessible restroom facilities for the American Printiing House for the Blind. The larger blueprint (.4) shows five drawings: at bottom left, a proposed exterior ramp (ramp wall, to be brick, is visible) extending along the the APH building from the front entrance to the east side; at top left, the proposed ramp, and existing front entry, lobby/reception area, front hallway, and adjacent first-floor women's restroom; at top right, the proposed first-floor "Handicapped Restroom Plan"; at bottom right, a view of the proposed ramp wall and railing extending along the exterior of the east side of the front section of the building; and, at center, a "Typical Wall Section" of the ramp. The other blueprint (.5) shows two drawings: at left, the existing men's and women's restrooms on the ground floor; at right, the addition of accessible facilities to those same restrooms.

Creator: Louis and Henry Inc. (Louisville, Kentucky)

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Collection: APH Archives / RG 05: Office of the President

Credit Line: APH Archives

Administrative History: In 1980, Louis & Henry, an architectural firm in Louisville, Kentucky, prepared drawings for a wheelchair-accessible exterior ramp; a first-floor, wheelchair-accessible restroom; and wheelchair-accessible facilities for two existing ground-floor restrooms of the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) building. The drawings, on a set of two blue-line blueprints, accompanied a December 18, 1980 letter from the firm to then-APH President Carson Y. Nolan. Construction began and was completed in 1981, bringing APH into compliance with "federal guidelines for architectural barriers" (APH Annual Report, 1981).

Subjects: Buildings Blueprints Wheelchairs Restrooms