Two articles from Life magazine about devices/aids for the blind

Article, Magazine

Accession Number: 2000.147a-b

Summary/Description: 2000.147a - "Blind Man's Guide," from the March 11, 1946 issue of Life magazine, pp. 121-124, illus. with diagram and b&w photos. Article describes a range finder device (also called "blind man's radar") designed by the U.S. Army Signal Corps to detect obstacles in the path of the blind user. The hand-held device emits audible signals when beams of light come in contact with obstacles. 2000.147b - "Blind Man's World," from the July 20, 1942 issue of Life magazine, pp. 44-48; illus. with b&w photos. Article is about Karsten Ohnstad, a blind man, and his use of tactile devices. Photocopies of the articles are in the reference files.

Publisher: Time, Inc.

Publisher Place: Chicago, IL

Publish Date: 1942, 1946

Subjects: Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Orientation and mobility Sensory aids