Treasure Island [Sound recording]

Book, Audio

Accession Number: 2017.8.2

Summary/Description: Original metal edge cardboard mailing container and paper record sleeves included; paper label on lid of case , "Braille & Sight Saving/Board of Education/Jackson School/Minneapolis"; printed paper label on side of lid, "Treasure Island/Stevenson--10r." The fourth of five talking books recorded during the American Printing House for the Blind's first year of recording in 1936. Green paper label in print on side B and black label in braille on side A, legend reads "Phonographic Book/Recorded/Exclusively for the Blind/Licensed Under Patents of American Telephone and Telegraph Company and Western Electric Company, Incorporated/Treasure Island/By Robert Louis Stevenson/Read by George Patterson/In 10 records/Copyright 1918, by Ginn and Company/All rights reserved/Recorded 1936, by Permission of the Publisher/Ginn and Company, Boston/American Printing House for the Blind/Incorporated/Louisville, Kentucky." Record sides are stamped outside label, on first two sides, 26-27; on sides 5-6, 30-31; on sides 9-10, 38-39; on sides 13-14, 46-47; on sides 17-18, 50 and 58; on sides 19-20, 59-60; four records have no number stamped on them. [Narrator] Patterson, George

Narrator: Patterson, George

Author: Stevenson, Robert Louis

History/Provenance: Donor found these in his Minnesota high school while gathering props for a play as a student, took them home, and kept them through several moves. Other books in the set are stamped Minneapolis Braille and Sightsaving Class.

Credit Line: Gift of Michael P. Lucas, 2017.8.

Publish Date: 1936

Printer: American Printing House for the Blind

Place Printed: Louisville, KY

Date Printed: 1936

Subjects: Recreational reading (use for children's lit, novels, short stories, "popular" books.) Literature (use for classics, including plays.) Talking books

Physical Description: 10 sound discs : rigid vinyl, 11 13/16 in. diameter; telescoping cardboard shipping carton, 13.25 x 13 x 1.125 in.