Three boys

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2014.13.2.68-69

Description: Two (2) black and white photos in a series; (.68) shows three boys sitting on a sofa, all three are smiling and have their hair neatly combed; the boy in the middle has his arms wrapped around the neck of the other boys; they wear bright shirts and blue jeans; (.69) shows the same three boys, again sitting in a similar pose on the sofa; in this shot, however, the boys are not smiling, and all have their eyes bandaged with gauze and tape; the boy in the middle is shirtless, his shoulders are also bandaged, and the knees of his jeans are patched; the boy on the right has a bandage on his neck; Stoneham Press formatting labels pasted on backs; from "Listen" magazine.

Date: n.d.

Photographer: Wide World Photo

Credit Line: Gift of the Carroll Center for the Blind, 2014.13