Three Boys on a Ramp

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2019.26.12

Description: Black and white print; three young boys stand on a rough-sawn wooden board that angles up from the ground to a stack of boards; all three have their eyes closed; the boy at the top of the ramp on the left has a blonde crewcut and wears a sweater over a collared shirt; his mouth is open, as if singing; the boy in the middle wears over-large striped tweed trousers held up by suspenders; he holds his hands in front of him; the boy at the bottom wears dark slacks and a plaid shirt; he cocks his head to one side and holds an unidentified device in his hands; a building wall and tricycle are in the background; stamped on back, "Audio-Visual Dept. S.F. State College".

Date: n.d.

History/Provenance: From the collection of O&M pioneer Berdell "Pete" Wurzburger.

Credit Line: Gift of Mike Meteyer, 2019.26.

Subjects: Orientation and mobility