Thiberge Auto Teaching Machine

Machine, Teaching

Accession Number: 2018.18

Description: Rectangular wooden board, covered with green linen, a stand is hinged to the back, braced with green linen tape; two (2) green tinted rectangular aluminum plates are screwed to the front, on either side of a stacked pair of windows; the left plate has brackets to hold two removable aluminum and paper cards, protected by a square of clear plastic, the upper card has a treble clef, the lower card has a base clef; the right plate holds a stack of six slots, each with a protruding aluminum tab, by sliding the tabs to the left an aluminum plate covers the contents of the central window; there are two horizontal tracks, stacked one on top of the other, in the main board; these tracks hold a sliding bright aluminum tray with a curled edge on top and bottom; the left side of each tray holds a paper card with eleven (11) series of three (3) musical quarter notes located at different places on a musical staff; the right hand side of each tray holds an aluminum card with the braille equivalent; as the tray is pushed to the left, a series of notes is revealed in the central window, and the corresponding braille symbol emerges on the right hand side; the notes in the central window can be revealed or obscrured by means of the tabs on the right hand plate on the front.

Height: 7.5

Width: 16.75

Depth: 0.75

Date Made: 1946-1955

Maker: Thiberge, Raymond

Place of Origin: Paris, France

Credit Line: Gift of Mireille Duhen, 2018.18.

Subjects: Braille Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Music education Piano music Reading devices

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: American Foundation for Overseas Blind

Material: Wood, linen, aluminum, paper

Updated: 09/14/2018