The Spy [Sound recording]

Book, Audio

Accession Number: 2017.8.3

Summary/Description: Red linen-bound record album, 26 paper sleeves, secured at spine with two post screws, embossed in silver foil on spine, "The Spy/Cooper/Recording/American Printing House for the Blind/Louisville, Ky", stamped in blue "Minneapolis Public Schools/Sight Saving & Braille Classes." The thirteenth title recorded at the American Printing House for the Blind and only the fourth recorded for the Library of Congress. Black paper label in print on side B and black label in braille on side A, legend reads in gold ink "Isabelle Archer Dyer Memorial Record/Talking Book/Solely For The Use Of The Blind/Recorded and Manufactured by/American Printing House for the Blind/Licensed under Dyer Patents/In 26 Records/Modern Readers' Series/Copyright, 1928, by/The MacMillan Co./The Spy/By James Fenimore Cooper/Read by Hugh Sutton/Recorded 1938/By Permission of the Publisher/The MacMillian Co./New York/American Printing House for the Blind/Louisville, Kentucky." [Narrator] Sutton, Hugh

Narrator: Sutton, Hugh

Author: Cooper, James Fenimore

History/Provenance: Donor found these in his Minnesota high school while gathering props for a play as a student, took them home, and kept them through several moves. Other books in the set are stamped Minneapolis Braille and Sightsaving Class.

Credit Line: Gift of Michael P. Lucas, 2017.8.

Publish Date: 1938

Printer: American Printing House for the Blind

Place Printed: Louisville, KY

Date Printed: 1938

Subjects: Recreational reading (use for children's lit, novels, short stories, "popular" books.) Literature (use for classics, including plays.) Talking books

Physical Description: 26 sound discs : rigid vinyl, 11 13/16 in. diameter; red linen-bound album with 26 internal sleeves, 12.5 x 14.625 x 3.625 in.