The Game of Clock’o


Accession Number: 2005.37

Description: Embossed teaching clock with raised roman numerals and braille labeling. Two embossed clocks on shellacked tan paper are glued to two sheets of cardboard joined with black fabric tape binding. The cardboard sheets folds together like a book. Each clock has two metal hands bound to the board, which can be moved by the player. Underneath each clock is a small round spinning dial with braille numbers to record each players score.

Height: 13

Length: 19

Date Made: ca. 1940

Place of Origin: [London?]

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2005.37

Subjects: Games. Instructional aids, tools, and supplies. Tactile graphics

Made: National Institute for the Blind

Material: Paper, cardboard, metal

Updated: 11/02/2016