“The blind came down out of [North] Korea,” Taegu School for the Blind and Deaf, Korea

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.171

Description: Black-and-white semimatte. A group is posing for a photo, there are four people holding flowers on the stage in the top row, six people standing straight in the middle row, six people sitting on the stage on the bottom row, and two little boys in front being held still be people sitting on the bottom row. A South Korean flag hangs on the wall behind them. The photo is glued to a thin piece of paper, which is the second page of the information sheet. Backing paper/information sheet: two typewritten pages, "**The blind came down out of Nouth Korea.** After liberation from slave of Japan, the violence of communist in Nouth Korea mad 38 period called Iron Cartain. Complaints of people had become explasive and their violence had struck even mainmed man and children. Lee Choll Suh (20) & Kim Gong Hoh (20) who had lost his eyes at 6 years old and 5 years old each other and had been look after at blind school in Wonsan, are pitiful boys who can't see sunshin and beauties of nature. When they had been in 6 year class of Wonsan blind school, Red invasion was happened. By getting intensive of roaring cannon's round and noisy gun's sound, horrible mind of people had become exacerbated day by day. They had bore the thirst for food and fewa or lombing attack for a fairly long time, but in long run they set out for his country-Yangku, and on the way, they met relation and was led by relation. For geting his culture of personality, his hope had faded as culture of Korea had been ruined by Red invasion. And also all in Yongku city had been changed in to ash by bombing attack's of Our Air Forces. All the these harsh were caused by horrible war-Red invasion. One day, on account of severe bombing attack, Lee Choul Suh and Kim Gong Hoh had separated from family and become a wandering begger without house to live in and food to eat. Who could foretell that the boys growing in pease at blind school, should become a such pitiful rover? They wandered on the ruined streets and fields being thirst for food and searching place in which they could prevent them from rainand wind and had had no body complain their anxieties. Even though numerous stars shins in the blue dark sky of night, their minds had always been in hopeless dark. Though by this time, loud vaices of Red troops were heard from here and there, justice should gain victory when the hot summer has gone and the hills has ornamentalized with scarlet-tinged leaves, with roaring of plane-engines, Cannon's attack made a famous Yongku battle. The boys had looked forward to come this battle and our justice. Cannon's roar heared here and there made one shrink. But our fighters had been pushing to the front hour after hour. There, the boys who had been wandering had been looked after by U.N. soldier. There was more of several ten of parentless child. Soon our fighters had become being oblighed to evacuate Yangku and Yongpoung. When had evacuated the two boys and ather parentless children had conveyed to U.N.C.A.C. Taegu Korea. They all became smile and found a gleam of hope in mind. They had entered to Taegu blind and dumb school and after a year on March 1952 they had graduation ceremony. Oh, truth in immortal for ever. They have found the God's love. Of them. Choul Suh is a excellent boy, he say always 'I will sacrifice all mine for truth.' Then, he entered to Taegu Kesoung Middle School (a school in which sound bodies have lessons), nothing to say, passed the entrance examination. This is a very rare news and the most hopeful prospect. [photo] The members of graduation Kim Jung Ho, Lee Choll Soo, Kill Koo Sook, Kang WHa Soon." .171a: info sheet page 1 .171b: info sheet page 2

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 4.25" (h) x 5.825" (w)

Date: 1952

Photographer: Not identified

History/Provenance: Received with John Milton Society for the Blind (JMS) records from the American Foundation for the Blind.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Blind persons Graduation ceremonies Korea (South) School children Schools for the blind and visually impaired Schools for the deaf