Texas Slate

Slate, Arithmetic

Accession Number: 2001.105.2

Description: Slate consists of a maple wood frame with 600 1/2" deep cells (20 x 30); horizontal bars of grid are full depth, vertical bars are 1/2 depth; mitered corners of frame, rabbet at bottom of frame holds 1/8" plywood backing; lead type is used with the slate; type has a raised Arabic numeral (0-9) at one end and indented line on side to guide in placement. See also 2001.105.5 for type used with this slate.

Height: 8.625

Width: 12.25

Depth: 0.875

Date Made: [n.d.]

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.105

Subjects: Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Mathematics Slates

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: [unknown]

Material: Wood

Updated: 06/02/2017