Test Materials for Perkins-Binet Test of Intelligence for the Blind


Accession Number: 2017.16.17

Description: Black fiber-board box with telescoping lid and cotton webbing straps contains: packing list; (4) four copies of scoring Form N for subjects with non-usable vision; (4) four copies of scoring Form U for subjects with usable vision; (12) cards with embossed braille vocabulary words, code exercises, and tactile graphics with captions in raised letters; (11) cards with large print vocabulary words, code exercises, and diagrams; set of (6) six dissected 2" cubes in ziplock plastic bag, one side of each cube has a black textured pad on all pieces; (12) twelve green wood 1" cubes in ziplock bag; plastic bag filled with (6) white plastic square buttons and (6) six black plastic round buttons; plastic bag filled with (12) twelve faux mother-of-pearl buttons, six large and six small; plastic bag containing (48) square, cyldrical, and round blue wooden beads; plastic bag holding a small cardboard box, a white plastic dog figurine and a small pair of scissors; ziplock back containing a brown plastic miniature chair, small American flag, blue toy car, small metal fork, and (2) metal keys; "block bridge" made from three 1" wood blocks glued together; bag of five pairs of Masonite geometric forms, triangle, circle, hexagon, rectangle, and square; 15mm and 22mm wooden cubes; ziplock bag containing a small brown vinyl shoe and a red Matchbox armored truck (missing one wheel intentionally); Masonite and wooden dowel table with three legs; toy aluminum coffee pot with lid; green Masonite "form board" with recesses routed in top for red wooden circle, triangle, and square; 8 x 10.625" Masonite board with maze pattern routed in top; envelope with one whole and one divided Masonite rectangle; envelope with (5) colored plastic pegs; pair of 18" cotton cords; 6.375 x 8.75" rubber padded Masonite drawing board with nickel plated brass paper clamp, stamped "HOWE PRESS"; envelope with sheets of polyester film.

Height: 4.375

Width: 13.5

Depth: 13

Date Made: ca. 1980

Maker: Howe Press

Place of Origin: Watertown, MA; Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 2017.16.

Subjects: Blindness Intelligence levels

Dimension Notes: overall case

Made: Howe Press, American Printing House for the Blind

Material: Masonite, wood, paper, aluminum, pot metal, plastic, cotton

Updated: 07/20/2017