Teacher-made rubber mat for map making

Tool, Embossing

Accession Number: 2007.33.22

Description: Orange rubber matting wrapped around masonite support, taped on reverse and wrapped on corners with black linen librarian's tape; sheet of aluminum diagramming foil taped to top with cellophane tape; label glued below foil, "Teacher made rubber mat for map making" in print and braille.

Height: 14

Width: 13.125

Depth: 0.24

Date Made: ca. 1970

Place of Origin: Baltimore, MD

Collection: AER O&M Division C. Warren Bledsoe Archives

History/Provenance: AER O&M Division C. Warren Bledsoe Archives

Credit Line: Gift of Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired

Subjects: Tactile graphics Mobility & Orientation Map making

Dimension Notes: overall

Material: Wood, rubber, tape

Updated: 04/29/2014