Takeda’s Abacus


Accession Number: 2003.185.128

Description: Wooden frame of tongue-and-groove construction has 17 rows of plastic counters; 4 counters below bar and 1 counter above; ach row of counters attached to horizontal metal rod that runs the width of abacus; counters flip up and down, instead of sliding; counters are white, with exception of middle column, which are green; name of device and manufacturer's information printed on gold paper label attached to the right side of the abacus. "Pat. No. 9452" --label.

Height: 3.5

Width: 12

Depth: 0.875

Date Made: n.d.

Place of Origin: Tokyo

Collection: KSB Collection

History/Provenance: KSB Collection

Credit Line: Gift of the Kentucky School for the Blind, 2003.185

Subjects: Abacus. Mathematical instruments.

Dimension Notes: overall

Made: Horie Co.

Material: Wood, plastic, metal

Updated: 04/23/2014