Tactile checkers board and game pieces

Set, Checkers

Accession Number: 2010.34.4ab

Description: (a) Checker board formed by gluing black enameled 1/8" plywood, with grid of 32 square openings, to an unfinished square of 1/8" plywood; 7/64" diameter holes drilled in center of each of the 64 resulting squares created by the contrast; 1" wide mitered frame glued to edges; (b) textured ecru plastic box, rectangular, with hinged lid holds 29 unfinished turned maple checkers; all have pegs turned on bottom to fit holes in gameboard; eleven are smooth flat circles, twelve have a second, smaller diameter circle turned on top; six are taller versions, used for indicating "kings".

Height: 13.375

Width: 13.375

Depth: 0.75

Date Made: ca. 1980

Credit Line: Gift of La'Shaun Willis, 2010.34.

Subjects: Blind Games Recreation Accessibility

Dimension Notes: Board. Box of checkers(b) is 7.25 x 3.625 x 1.125".

Material: Wood, plastic

Updated: 01/23/2014