Stainsby-Wayne Braille-Writer, Interlining Model, RK


Accession Number: 1999.30a-b

Description: Original Stainsby-Wayne Braillewriter; nickel plated steel writer in a steel framed carriage, screwed to a wooden bed; pegs on the bottom of the bed adjust the writer's position up and down a folding wooden board with a hinged paper clamp at the top; (a) writer has six "dot" keys angled away from the user on both sides, keys are "reversed" (keys arranged for writing braille in reverse as on a slate); space key on right, two carriage release levers in middle back; die-plate is grooved; margin bell on left, mounted directly to serrated rail, separate bracket to right holds the bell hammer wire; "1738" stamped on space key arm.; (b) wooden tablet board is hinged in middle to allow lower section to bend closed when unit is in storage, constructed with pine center dadoed to hardwood side pieces; two columns of 18 holes, hinged hardwood paper clamp on top with brad teeth in both top and bottom, brass swivel catch locks clamp closed: brass label on left of top jaw of clamp, "THE STAINBY-WAYNE BRAILLE-WRITER"; stamped on top jaw on right, "1738".

Height: 3

Width: 13.5

Depth: 14.5

Date Made: ca. 1915

Place of Origin: Birmingham, England

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 1999.30

Subjects: Braillewriters Mechanical writing

Dimension Notes: 3 x 13 1/2 x 2 1/4 in. (braille writer}; 14 1/2 X 12 x 1 1/4 x in. (wooden board)

Made: National Institute for the Blind; Wayne, Albert

Material: Nickel, steel, brass, wood

Updated: 02/15/2021