School for the Blind, Palayamkottai

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.651-667

Description: BW prints; .651: Thirteen Indian boys and men sit on ground in front of stuccoed building and pillars, with a violins, flute, drums, and pump organ; 4.25 x 6.25"; .652: Indian girls and boys sit at desks outdoors, each with their hands on a slate and stylus in front of them; an Indian teacher stands behind them with a book open as if reading; a desk with an empty chair is in the foreground facing the group; a Caucasian man in Indian garb sits on the far right, an inkpen in his hand on a pad of paper; 4.25 x 6.25"; .653: Large group of small Indian children sit at U-shaped arrangement of very low tables in outdoor courtyard in front of tile roofed structures obscured by trees; three adults stand behind the children , two men dressed in white tunics and a woman in a sari; a sculpture of a small elephant is situated in the center of the picture, and scattered on the low table, where they are being explored by touch are a toy horse, a cat, a lion, a rabbit, and what appears to be bananas; 4.25 x 6.25"; .654: Two Indian girls in saris sit at desks outdoors under a tree, writing braille on desk slates; captioned "2 fully trained girls (both blind) writing Tamil scripture portions in Braille under the banyan tree. Feb 1951"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .655: Three little Indian girls wearing western style dresses, large bush in background; captioned "left to right Arn Nachalam, Pappu, Valliamonal"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .656: Three Indian boys wearing simple shirts and shorts; forest in background; captioned "Left to Right Vesrasanny, Mathu, Chelladuvai. Three of our blind boys"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .657: Two small children running on dirt path in front of school building: captioned "Running race in front of the Blind Girls School by 2 blind children. Feb 1951"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .658: Indian girl in sari with her hands on a Perkins Brailler; 2.375 x 3.375"; .659: Second shot of same scene; 2.375 x 3.375"; .660: Third shot, seen from behind shoulder of girl; 2.375 x 3.375"; .661: Five Indian boys rolling tires in front of building; captioned "Motor Tyre Race by the blind boys in front of the Blind Boys School. Feb. 1951"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .662: Indian boy tucks at his shirt; his shadow stretches behind him starkly; tree trunk in right background; captioned "Hope you remember this fellow--Mathu--Nov. 1951"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .663: Indan woman in sari plays pump organ with group of Indian girls in saris circled behind her singing; large tree is overhead, throwing group in shadow; captioned "Playing the school organ + a group of blind girls singing under the Banyan tree. Feb. 1951"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .664: Nine Indian men stand between pillars of building, wearing white tunics and dhoti; captioned "Boys School Staff"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .665: Group of Indian men and women between pillars of building, men standing behind seated women: captioned "The staff and trainees are like one big family"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .666: Five Indian men smile at the camera, standing between pillars of building; captioned "Five men of the Sisc Trainees. Left to right--the first four are sent by the Government and the fifth is Joseph (Scholarship holder)"; 2.375 x 3.375"; .667: Eight Indian women wearing saris stand between pillars of building; captioned "Girls School Staff"; 2.375 x 3.375".

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1951

History/Provenance: The School for the Blind at Palayamkottai was founded as a girl's school in 1890 by Anne Jane Askwith, principal of Sarah Tucker College.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Asia Bands Braille Braillewriters India Maps Music Education Playgrounds Schools for the blind and visually impaired Teachers Track athletics Vocational Education Weaving