Scenes from St. Nicholas School for the Blind, Malaya

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.1602-1625

Description: Twenty-four (24) BW prints; .1602: Grand front entry of the school building with landscaped circular drive in front of two story building with arched front entry beneath portico; .1603: Young boy hammers wooden peg toy with mallet; captioned "Kee See--Nursery Class 1953"; .1604: Young boy pushes leaver on bell toy; captioned "Hai Yong--Nursery Class"; .1605: Young boy stacks wooden blocks; captioned "Tien Lia--Nursery Class"; .1606: Girl in jumper writes braille on a desk slate; captioned "Nancy Chinn--Grade III"; .1607: Girl in jumper knitting; captioned "Helena Choo--Grade III"; .1608: Young boy plays with wooden gear toy; captioned "Tien Chye--Nursery Class"; .1609: Girl in jumper weaves cords on tabletop;; captioned "Wennie Hg--Grade IV"; .1610: Girl in jumper sews on cardboard sewing card; captioned "Sally Yeoh--Grade II"; .1611: Girl in jumper manipulates pegs on a Taylor Slate; captioned "Dorothy Wong--Grade IV"; .1612: Boy in dark collared shirt manipulates pegs on a Taylor Slate; captioned "Kay Soon--Standard I (Grade I)"; .1613: Girl in jumper sits on floor, playing with wooden blocks piled between her outstretched legs; captioned "Ah Kwang--Nursery Class"; .1614: Boy in dark collared shirt reads braille book at table; captioned "Kew Chye--Standard II (Grade II)"; .1615: Boy in dark collared shirt plays with plastic toy telephone; captioned "Simon--Primary I"; .1616: Girl in print top touches tactile map on her desk; captioned "Halana Grade I"; .1617: Boy in dark collared shirt writes braille on a desk slate; captioned "Peter Chin--Grade IV"; .1618: Girl in jumper exploring large tactile map; captioned "Boo Lin Chua--Grade V"; .1619: Two girls in jumpers weave on small tabletop looms; captioned "Winnie Ng, Grade IV and Boo Lin Grade V"; .1620: Boy in dark collared shirt weaving cord seat on stool; captioned "Bobby Wah--Grade IV"; .1621: Three boys in collared shirts sitting cross-legged on the floor weaving baskets; captioned "Bobby Wah (grade IV) Muniandi (grade I) William Wang (grade V)"; .1622: Children sitting in wooden pews in open air chapel; .1623: Nine girls wearing scouting uniforms gathered on lawn around tactile models of flags; captioned "Brownies"; .1624: Seven children playing on tricycles, wooden carts, and rocking horses outside on lawn in front of flowers; captioned "Nursery class at play"; .1625: Three teams in a relay race with their legs tied together on a sunny lawn.

Medium: Photographic Paper

Date: 1952-1953

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Blind children Braille Braillewriters Kindergartens Maps Maps for the blind and visually impaired Mathematics Playgrounds Schools for the blind and visually impaired Scouting Tactile learning Toys