Russian schoty


Accession Number: 1994.14.3

Description: Abacus is used for counting rubles and kopeks. It has an open wooden frame with 13 metal rods. Wooden beads are arranged in 12 columns of 10 beads and 1 column of 4 beads. The 4-bead column is used to calculate quarter kopeks. Most beads are unstained; some are black to serve as place markers. There is no horizontal bar between the beads. The abacus is also called a stchoty or a schoty.

Height: 10.5

Width: 18.5

Depth: 1.7

Date Made: [before 1965]

Maker: [unknown]

Place of Origin: Russia

Collection: Gissoni Abacus Collection

History/Provenance: Gissoni Abacus Collection

Credit Line: Gift of Fred Gissoni, 1994.14

Subjects: Abacus Mathematical instruments

Material: Wood, metal

Updated: 05/16/2014