Recueil de morceaux d’orgue [Braille]


Accession Number: 1993.2

Subtitle: à l'usage spécial des élèves de l'Institution Imp. des Jeunes Aveugles de Paris

Summary/Description: "Collection of organ pieces for special use of the Imperial Institution for the Young Blind of Paris, composed by Gabriel Gauthier, Marius Gueit, Victor Paul, and Julien Héry, past professors, present professors of the Institution" [translation] --t.p. The composers, all of whom were blind or visually impaired, were organists. Their hymns were embossed in braille, the raised dot code developed by Louis Braille who had been a student and a teacher at the Institution, and are on facing pages only (perhaps less page turning for the musician). Includes a key to braille music. Half title: "Recueil de Morceaux d'Orgue," appears in raised Roman decapoint letters; on verso [page glued to the back of the half title page], "Ecriture des Aveugles. Procede de L. Braille Professeur Aveugle," followed by the Braille alphabet and numbers.

Author: Gauthier, Gabriel

History/Provenance: Book was given to the APH Museum by Warren Figueiredo, who had received it as a gift from a French family, ca. 1970.

Credit Line: Gift of Warren Figueiredo, 1993.20.

Publisher: Institution Impériale des Jeunes Aveugles

Publisher Place: Paris

Publish Date: 1863

Subjects: Braille music notation Decapoint Music for the blind and visually impaired Hymns

Physical Description: 1 v. of braille ; 14.3 x 10.2 x 2.7 in.