Quick Pick Counting prototype and preliminary screening materials for field evaluation

Game, Educational

Accession Number: 2015.22.3.1-2

Description: A Quick Pick Counting prototype and a cardboard container of preliminary screening items used in field evaluations of Quick Pick Counting, a basic-counting educational game featuring tactile symbols. Prototype has fourteen flash cards stored in a purple plastic container with pocket-like bottom and fold-over top to create an enclosed packet secured with hook-and-loop fabric pieces. On one side of each card are one or more tactile symbols (line, circle, small circle, square, triangle, or X) and four numbers (from 1-12) in large print and Nemeth braille. Each card has four openings at the bottom (3 holes, and 1 elongated U-shape that extends through the bottom edge). APH logo and catalog number 1-03573-00 are printed in white on front flap of container, with a print-out label "Quick Pick Counting" taped at center, and there are four holes across the front of the container. A user counts the tactile symbols on the foremost card in the open container, selects a number on the card equivalent to the number of symbols, and places a wooden braille eraser (stored on the inside of front container flap) into the hole on the front of the container that aligns with the selected number. If the number is correct, the user is able to pull the card from the container. Preliminary screening items, used to assess counting, tactile symbol recognition, and number recognition abilities of evaluation participants before using the prototype, consist of pennies, tactile symbol paper strips (each embossed with a line, circle, small circle, square, triangle, or X), and number strips (each with four numbers in both Nemeth braille and handwritten numerals) organized in three clear plastic bags stored in a cardboard container. Container consists of two box lids also used for sorting/counting of pennies. Labeling on bags appears to be unrelated to contents. .1 - prototype: (a) container, (b) cards, (c) eraser. .2 - preliminary screening materials: (a) cardboard container; (b) plastic bag of 18 pennies, labeled "Test Set: Fact/Number Cards"; (c) plastic bag of 14 pennies, 7 tactile-symbol strips, and 10 number strips, labelled "Digital Clock"; (d) plastic bag of 14 pennies, 7 tactile-symbol strips, and 10 number strips, labeled "Multiplication Fact Cards."

Width: 6.5

Length: 10

Depth: 1

Date Made: ca. 2000

Maker: Pester, Eleanor

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Archives / RG 12: Educational and Technical Research

History/Provenance: APH Archives / RG 12: Educational and Technical Research

Subjects: Assessment Counting Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Product and market development Prototypes

Dimension Notes: Items with game prototype: math cards, 5 x 8 in.; eraser, 2.5 in. (length). Pre-assessment materials: cardboard container, 7.4 x 10.75 in.; bags, 8.75 x 7 in.; symbol paper strips, 1.25 x 2.5 in.; number paper strips, 1.5 x 6 in.; pennies, .75 in. (diameter).

Made: American Printing House for the Blind

Material: Paper/Copper/Plastic/Cardboard/Fabric

Updated: 06/24/2021