Pyke Glauser Braille Writer

Mechanical Braille Writers

Description: Designed by Edward Pyke (1898-1996), Research and Technical Officer for the National Institute for the Blind from 1925-1960. In its 1933-34 annual report, the NIB announced that its new "upward writing" machine would be on the market soon. The finished model was profiled in the April 1935 "New Beacon." Manufactured by London instrument maker, J.M. Glauser and Sons, it was discontinued at the beginning of World War II. In 1935, APH briefly--but unsuccessfully--negotiated with NIB to provide unassembled Pyke-Glauser machines for assembly in Louisville. NIB announced in 1948 that an improved version was expected in 1949.

Height: 5.25

Width: 19.5

Depth: 15.125

Date: 1935