Prototype, Sets of flash cards made from commercially-produced card program

Card, Flash

Accession Number: 2013.8.62

Description: Molded one-piece, green plastic box with snap-shut lid, designed for the Language Master Card Program, contains several blank flash cards of white card stock, most made by Bell & Howell and a few by Bio-Dynamics, each with a recordable magnetic strip along one edge. Box also contains additional cards with tactile illustrations that appear to be flash card prototypes for instructional use with visually impaired students. Some are made by embossing the commercially-produced cards with braille and/or gluing cardboard/paper shapes or real objects (buttons, pennies) to them; others are cut from plastic in which shapes, letters, and braille are vacuum-formed. Each has a recordable magnetic strip attached on the front, a trimmed corner for registration, and is filed behind one of seven paper dividers with the following headings handwritten in red marker: Same-Different; Colors; Numbers-Counting; Textures; Shapes; Size; Directionality. Creator of the prototype cards is not known. A printed label, white with green marbled pattern, glued to box front, reads: "Language MasterĀ® audio/visual instructional system / Card Program."

Height: 3.75

Width: 3.75

Length: 9.75

Date Made: ca. 1995

Place of Origin: Cambridge, MA

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection

Subjects: Braille Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Tactile learning Prototypes

Dimension Notes: Flash cards: 3.5 x 9 in.

Made: Bell & Howell Company; Bio-Dynamics, Inc.

Material: Plastic/Paper/

Updated: 04/29/2013