Prototype, Braille Reading Readiness Manual for the Development of Dot Perception


Accession Number: 2013.8.42a-e

Description: Presented by the authors to the American Printing House for the Blind as a possible educational product for students preparing to learn braille. The manual consists of four books containing a progression of embossed braille reading exercises. Typewritten teacher instructions are on the first page of each book; a typewritten student instruction page precedes each exercise page. Braille exercises in the first three books are embossed on strips of blue plastic-like paper glued to pages of braille paper. A strip of blue flocked material is glued above and below each line of braille to facilitate finger movement from line to line. The last exercise page of Book III and all exercise pages of Book IV are embossed directly on braille paper and do not have flocking on them. Each book features a typewritten cover sheet with the title, authors' names, and book number centered within a decorative border of brailled dots embossed on blue plastic-type paper strips outlined in blue flocking. Each book is secured along the left edge with a slide-on, blue plastic bar. A separate, 3-page typewritten and photocopied paper entitled "Braille Reading Readiness Manual To Be Used for the Development of Dot Perception," by the Goodenoughs, describes the purpose of the manual and the content of the books. (a) paper (b) Book I (c) Book II (d) Book III (e) Book IV

Height: 8

Width: 11

Date Made: ca. 1975

Maker: Goodenough, Dorothy; Goodenough, Forrest

Place of Origin: Austin, TX

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection

Subjects: Braille Instructional materials Prototypes Readers (Books) Reading

Dimension Notes: 11 x 8.5 in. (descriptive paper)

Made: Goodenough, Dorothy; Goodenough, Forrest

Material: Paper/Fabric (flocking)/Plastic

Updated: 10/01/2019