Print, Die Blinden in der Kirche


Accession Number: 2003.4

Description: Print depicts column of young blind women of various ages in the entry hall of a church, heading toward the viewer; each wears a dark dress covered by a plaid shawl, one younger girl at the head of the line wears a knee length dress and dark coat marked by two vertical rows of buttons; younger girl looks at the viewer and appears to be sighted; spiral stairwell to right; walls of the hall appear to be lined with pews; pew to the right has two men seated in the foreground and other less distinct figures in the background; reverse is blank. In center of bottom margin is printed "Die Blinden in der Kirche. Nach dem Gemalde von Wolf Schlabitz. XLIX." Beneath illustration at bottom right is printed "Holzschnitt von J. J. Seber in Leipzig." Weber's name is visible in bottom left corner of illustration.

Height: 16

Width: 11

Date Made: 1895

Maker: Weber, J.J., engraver

Place of Origin: Leipzig, Germany

Subjects: Blind. Religion.

Dimension Notes: 11.25 x 9.5 in. (comp.)

Material: Paper

Updated: 06/29/2021