Princess Alexandra’s visit to the American Printing House for the Blind

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.134.41.24-64

Description: Color matte; 41 photographs of Princess Alexandra, first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II of England, visiting American Printing House for the Blind on October 24, 1986 at 11:30 a.m. Alexandra was accompanied by her husband, Angus Ogilvy. Her tour included the braille printing press, binding areas, talking book department, large-type book department, and demonstrations of products in the display room. She can be identified throughout the series as the tall, blonde woman wearing a pink jacket. .24 Princess Alexandra stands within open front entrance to APH, her back toward the camera. Carson Nolan, president of APH at the time, stands to her left and multiple people are visible outside the building. .25 Princess Alexandra faces Nolan in front entrance doorway to APH; a woman with a camera is visible outside the building. .26 Close-up of Princess Alexandra entering APH front lobby. Nolan is directly behind her. Remainder of photos were taken in the APH Product Display Room (unless otherwise indicated) and show Princess Alexandra and other standing, talking and looking at the product display: .27 Princess Alexandra facing Nolan (far left) and June Morris, director of the Department of Educational Research; Jack Decker, APH product manager, at far right. .28 Close-up (profile) of Princess Alexandra; Larry Skutchan (far left), APH Systems programmer. .29 Morris (third from right) and Ralph McCracken (center), APH editor, listen to Angus Ogilvy, Princess Alexandra's husband. .30 Morris (left) talks to Princess Alexandra. .31 Princess Alexandra listens to Nolan as he talks. .32 Ogilvy, his hand on his chin, and Princess Alexandra listen to Nolan. .33 Morris demonstrates a Portable Plus Record Player to Princess Alexandra. .34 Morris gestures toward a product as Princess Alexandra and Ogilvy look on; Decker (center) looks to his left. .35 Larry Skutchan, APH Systems Programmer, explains software to Princess Alexandra. .36 Skutchan demonstrates software on a computer to Princess Alexandra. .37 Princess Alexandra gestures with left hand as she speaks to Morris, Skutchan, Decker and Nolan; a tactile map is displayed in the background. .38 Skutchan, standing next to a computer keyboard, head down, listens as Princess Alexandra speaks; Morris (right) has back to camera. .39 Princess Alexandra holds a book and speaks to Skutchan and Morris. .40 Unidentified man (center) touches computer keyboard; Skutchan (left); and Princess Alexandra, her back to the camera. .41 Same unidentified man points to computer monitor; around him are Skutchan (far left), Princess Alexandra, and Ogilvy, all facing monitor. .42 Princess Alexandra and Skutchan talking, while Morris listens, her back to the camera. .43 Morris, Skutchan, and Princess Alexandra stand at the computer and talk; Decker partially visible at far right. .44 Duplicate of .33 .45 Eleanor Pester (facing camera), research associate, stands at a braille book display and speaks to Princess Alexandra and another APH employee; a red Braille Cell Model in foreground at bottom left. .46 Princess Alexandra looks at an unidentified APH employee; Pester is visible behind them. .47 Princess Alexandra, arms crossed, stands with a group of APH employees and her husband. .48 Ogilvy (far right) listens to Nolan (far left) as he speaks in front hallway. .49 Left to right, McCracken, smiling broadly; Decker, Nolan and Morris. .50 Left to right, facing camera, Decker, unidentifed man, McCracken and Morris. .51 Nolan (center) and unidentified man (far right); at far left, Decker and Morris appear to be listening to someone not shown in photo. .52 Ogilvy (third from left), McCracken, Morris (back to camera), and Decker talking; Nolan (far right) watching. .53 Duplicate of .49 .54 Two women and a man stand near the exit of the product display room. .55 Woman holds open a door for Princess Alexandra as she enters hallway from product display room; Ogilvy and other men following. .56 Princess Alexandra (center), Ogilvy (far left), and Carson (far right), others standing in background. .57 Princess Alexandra looks off-camera; Decker, in background (center), and Nolan (back to camera). .58 Princess Alexandra holds a large braille book open while talking to two unidentified men. .59 An unidentified man (center) holds a large braille book while speaking to Nolan (right) and an unidentified man. .60 Princess Alexandra and, from left to right, Decker, Nolan, and Morris stand adjacent to products. .61 Princess Alexandra is shown from profile speaking to McCracken, center, and Nolan. .62 Skutchan, far left, demonstrates computer software to, from left to right, unidentifed man, Ogilvy, Princess Alexandra, and Nolan. .63 Nolan (far left), unidentified man with back to camera, Princess Alexandra, and Jack Decker. .64 Princess Alexandra and Ogilvy stand in front of multiple products, including an APH Light Box.

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 3.5 (h) x 5 (w) in.

Date: October 24 1986

Photographer: APH employee

History/Provenance: Princess Alexandra was in Kentucky to present the Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup in Lexington. She made stops in Louisville at the British American Tobacco company (BATUS) and Humana, because of their ties to Great Britain, and at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH). She was actively involved with blindness agencies in the United Kingdom, as patron of both Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and the London Association for the Blind, and serving as president of the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind. Photographs were taken for APH.

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Subjects: Celebrity touring Tours Products