PowerBraille 65 Refreshable Braille Display

Display, Refreshable Braille

Accession Number: 2014.1.2

Description: Flat, rectangular chassis, dark gray enameled aluminum; four rubber feet; top features a recessed rubber pad on rear 2/3 of surface; in front of pad is slightly raised ridge; directly on top of the ridge are four long plastic buttons or bars used to move the display; in front of this ridge and behind the braille cells are 65 arrow shaped cursor routing buttons, used to move the computer's cursor directly to a particular location on the display; in front of the routing buttons is the 65-cell braille display; just below the braille display cells is a black plastic tactile ruler with indicator dots below each braille cell; flanking the braille display on both sides are pairs of small black square buttons, display backward is to the left and display forward is to the right; controls on the front panel: at far left is switch which toggles between 6-dot and 8-dot Braille; to right is switch two, which toggles text attribute codes; to the right is the left rocker, which moves the system cursor up and down; in the middle of the front panel are two buttons, one shaped convex, the other concave; the convex button is used as the computer’s enter key when in DOS applications; the concave button is used as the Link/Unlink key when in DOS applications; to the right is the right rocker, which moves the Braille display up and down; to the right is switch 3, which enables a split display between two devices; at the far right of the front panel is switch 4, which switches the active part of the display when using a split display; bottom surface has a battery access panel and the product label, serial number TB69810-001M; rear panel controls: on/off rocker power switch, 2.5mm DC power cord jack, mini-RCA speaker out jack, two mini-RCA IN speaker jacks, 5-pin keyboard B in and out jacks, 9-pin male DTE serial port, 25-pin female parallel port, 25-pin male parallel port, 9-pin female serial DCE port, five pin male and female keyboard A in and out jacks.

Date Made: ca. 1998

Maker: Blazie, Deane; Blazie Engineering

Place of Origin: Forest Hills, MD

Credit Line: Gift of the Carroll Center, 2014.1.

Subjects: Assistive technology Braille Computers Reading devices

Made: Blazie Engineering

Material: Aluminum, plastic, steel

Updated: 01/29/2018