Powell on Real Property

Book, Audio

Accession Number: 2017.15

Subtitle: Abridged from Powell's The Law of Real Property

Summary/Description: Read by the Kentucky Unit, University of Louisville studio of Recording for the Blind, narrator not named. Talking Book version of an abridged edition, published in print in 1968, of a standard textbook on the subject of real property law.

Author: Powell, Richard, and Patrick J. Rohan

History/Provenance: Used by Army Air Force veteran James G. Poulos (1924-2004) in Tuczon, AZ.

Publish Date: n.d.

Printer: Recording for the Blind

Place Printed: Louisville, KY

Date Printed: n.d.

Subjects: Real property Law & legal affairs Talking books

Physical Description: Nine (9) clear plastic cases, each holding two plastic audio cassettes, cassettes are labeled in print and braille