Postcard, Young blind boy with toy horse


Accession Number: 2003.181

Scope & Content: The black and white real photo postcard shows a boy of about 4 years of age standing, at left, with a light-colored cane in his right hand. He is wearing knee-length shorts and a long-sleeve shirt, lace-up leather shoes and light-colored socks. In the background is a toy rocking horse. The boy's left hand is resting on the horse's saddle. The back of the postcard is divided and has writing, but was not mailed. In English, above the address area, is handwritten the name of the boy, Oleg Aleksandar Stepanovic. He was born in 1922 and lived in Belgrade. He was blind from birth and received his education from a private tutor hired by his family. He may have died during World War II. Some discoloration on back of card.

Manufacture Date: ca. 1926

Creator: unknown

Interview Date: / /

Publisher: unknown

Publisher Place: unknown

Publish Date: ca. 1926

Subjects: Blind children. Photographs.