Postcard, The Blind Trio


Accession Number: 2004.137

Scope & Content: Shows a black-and-white photo illustration of three musicians identified in print as: Alfred N. Heroux, Violinist and Tenor, seated at left holding a violin and bow; Edward R. Ray, Clarinetist and Manager, standing at center and holding a clarinet; and Richard Barnard, Pianist, seated at right and holding a rolled paper. Above the photo is printed "The Blind Trio, Graduates of the Perkins Institution and Massachusetts School for the Blind." At bottom, after their names, is printed "4 Westville Road, Dorchester, Mass. This is the only professional organization of its kind in the world. Our entertainment is varied, pleasing and of a high order. The illustrated talk, with fifty views, gives a good idea of the education of the blind." Reverse is divided, used, and postmarked June 7, 1910.

Manufacture Date: 1910 postmark

Creator: unknown

Interview Date: / /

Publisher: unknown

Publisher Place: unknown

Publish Date: 1910 postmark

Subjects: Adult blind. Photographs. Music. Musicians.