Postcard, “One Touch of Kindness”


Accession Number: 2001.121

Scope & Content: Postcard shows a color illustration of an elderly blind man dressed in a black hat, suit, and overcoat, sitting on a park bench in front of a park [?] entrance. A sign that reads "Blind" hangs from his neck, with a silver cup beneath. He is holding a cane in his left hand, and to his right is a black dog. Two young, well-dressed children are approaching him, one with an outstretced hand, to place money in the cup. A woman, who is with the children, watches and waits to the side. The clothing appears to be Victorian-era. Printed at the bottom right corner is "One Touch of Kindness." The back of the unused postcard is divided by a short 1/2 in. line extending beneath the publisher's logo, approx. 7/8 x 1/2 in., of a woman holding a large painter's palette in which is printed "W & K London." Along the left edge is printed "Wildt & Kray, London, N.W. Series No. 1719. Printed in England."

Manufacture Date: n.d.

Creator: Wildt & Kray, London, publisher

Interview Date: / /

Credit Line: Museum Purchase, 2001.121

Publisher: England

Publisher Place: England

Publish Date: n.d.

Subjects: Blind.