Postcard, Austrian braille alphabet


Accession Number: 2001.46

Scope & Content: On the left half of the front of the postcard is an illustration of a young child holding open a braille book that is being read by a blind man; printed above illustration in German is "I. Osterreichischer Blindenverein;" printed beneath illustration is "Wohlfahrtkarte fur Blinde"; a dotted line divides this section from the right half, which appears to be the address section and is unused; back of postcard is divided into two sections by red dotted line; left section has information about careers for blind workers, in print; right section has the alphabet embossed in braille with corresponding print letters directly below; printer is identified in print at lower left corner. Postcard is slightly discolored.

Manufacture Date: n.d.

Creator: J. Gerstmayer, printer

Interview Date: / /

Publisher: Wien Vienna , Austria

Publisher Place: Wien Vienna , Austria

Publish Date: n.d.

Subjects: Braille. Instructional aids, tools, and supplies. School buildings