Post-1954 APH building and grounds

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2004.134.4.1-50

Description: Glossy black-and-white and color photographs showing the post-1954 APH building and grounds. A list of the photographs follows. 2004.134.4.1 - Front exterior of APH building, ca.1954 2004.134.4.2 - Front right side of APH building, Courier Journal photo, ca.1954 2004.134.4.3-4 - Views of APH from side parking lot, 1977 2004.134.4.5 - Front of APH showing street sign, post 1954 2004.134.4.6 - Front of APH from parking lot, post 1954 2004.134.4.7 - Color transparency of APH building 2004.134.4.8-9 - Entrance print and braille plaques 2004.134.4.10-11- Front of APH building, n.d. 2004.134.4.12-16 - Color photos of APH building and grounds, ca. 1990, negatives on file 2004.134.4.17-26 - APH front lawn and lintel, ca. 1992, negatives on file 2004.134.4.27-28 - APH Development personnel, Eutevia Frank and Barbara Weatherford, ca.1992, negatives on file 2004.134.4.29-45 - APH building, grounds, tour group, 1991, negatives on file 2004.134.4.46-48 - APH entrance ramp, museum lobby, and Reader's Digest, 1995, negatives on file 2004.134.4.49-50 - Sidewalk at rear of APH property, 1997

Medium: Photographic Paper

Photographer: various

History/Provenance: In June 1954, construction of a new administration building, designed by architect Arthur G. Tafel, was begun.The 4-story building with basement was added to the front of the original 1883 structure and provided nearly 15,000 square feet of additional space at a cost of just under $200,000. Completed in 1955, it was designed to house the company's administrative offices, a board meeting room, the Educational Research Department, Talking Books studios, and reproduction and electronic research departments. A west addition to APH was built in 1958. Designed by the firm of Walter C. Wagner & Joseph H. Potts, Architects & Engineers, it was erected between an existing west wing and the 1934 plate storage vault. The one-story-with-basement addition provided 2,320 square feet of additional space used to store raw vinyl plastics and other materials, including processed biscuits, for the production of Talking Book records. Construction of a new east addition, also designed by Wagner & Potts, began in 1958, after an existing east wing was razed. Originally planned as a 1-story building with basement, the company decided that the east addition should be 2-stories with a basement. This addition provided 5,940 square feet of storage space and included a centrally-located employee lunchroom. It was completed in 1959. In 1992, the lintel of the 1883 building, which was removed from the APH front entrance during the 1955 building addition, was permanently placed on the APH front lawn. Photos taken for APH; some color photos may have been taken by APH staff.

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