Poke and Pull, Subtraction, a large print/braille prototype

Game, Educational

Accession Number: 2015.22.2a-c

Description: A prototype of an educational math game featuring flash cards in large print and Nemeth braille. Thirty math cards are stored in the bottom pocket of a dark red, lightweight canvas cloth container that folds over at the top, creating an envelope-like packet. A thick cardboard piece inside the pocket provides shape and support. Each card has a different subtraction problem (numerical) and four possible answers (numbers) on either side in both large print and Nemeth braille and four evenly-spaced openings near the bottom edge (three holes, and one elongated u-shaped opening that extends through the bottom edge). A user reads the problem on the foremost card in the open packet, selects one of the four possible answers, and places a wooden dowel pin into the grommeted hole on the front of the packet that aligns with the chosen answer. A correct answer allows the user to pull the card from the packet. Dowel pin is stored in a side pocket. Braille appears to have been added by APH to original Poke and Pull cards available from the Education Center, Inc. (each card also has a small print illustration on both sides at the top right corner). At back of packet in standard print: an instruction card with "Copyright 1977, The Education Center" printed on it; an instruction sheet; and an instruction card for Poke and Pull, Money. Printed in white ink on front flap of container: "Poke and Pull subtraction, The Education Center." .2a - container .2b - cards .2c - dowel pin

Height: 6

Width: 1

Length: 9.5

Date Made: 1998

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Archives / RG 12: Educational and Technical Research

History/Provenance: APH Archives / RG 12: Educational and Technical Research

Subjects: Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Mathematics Product and market development Prototypes

Dimension Notes: Card: 5 x 8 in.; dowel pin: .125 (diameter) x 5 in.

Made: American Printing House for the Blind

Material: Paper/Cloth/Metal/Wood/Cardboard

Updated: 03/14/2016