Pocket slate

Slate, Pocket

Accession Number: 1992.31

Description: Clear plastic braille slate; piano hinge on one side; four (4) lines of twenty-eight (28) braille cells; slight indents in top frame guide placement of stylus; bottom frame cast with six indented holes under each opening in the top frame; three horizontal raised lines on top frame; raised lip on open end of upper frame facilitates opening; four registration pins up from lower frame fit into holes in upper frame; cast into upper frame, "AMER. PRINTING HOUSE FOR THE BLIND LOUISVILLE, KY."

Height: 1.673

Width: 8.465

Depth: 0.394

Date Made: ca. 1966

Place of Origin: Louisville, KY

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 1992.31

Subjects: Braille Slates Tactile writing

Dimension Notes: 21.5 x 4.25 cm.

Made: American Printing House for the Blind.

Material: Plastic

Updated: 07/24/2015