Plastischer Repetitions-Atlas uber alle Teile der Erde [Relief Map Atlas of All the Earth]


Accession Number: 1998.80.52.1-19

Scope & Content: A portfolio of 19 relief maps; "Reptitionsatlas von M Kunz" is printed in raised letters along the top edge of each map; title of each map appears along bottom edge in depressed letters in German; maps are loose inside a hard cover portfolio made of thin boards covered in gray paper with a black cloth spine; title and contents printed on front cover in black ink and on the back cover a list of available Kunz maps. Detailed reviews from various institutions that previously used the atlas are printed on the inside of the covers. Kunz was director of the Blind Institute at Illzach and the leading producer of maps in Europe during the 1890s. Individual maps in the portfolio: 1998.80.52.1 - Europa [Europe]. 1998.80.52.2 - Europa [Europe]. 1998.80.52.3 - Italien [Italy]. 1998.80.52.4 - Asien [Asia]. 1998.80.52.5 - Nordamerika [North America]. 1998.80.52.6 - Sudamerika [South America]. 1998.80.52.7 - Australien [Australia]. 1998.80.52.8 - Afrika [Africa]. 1998.80.52.9 - Deutschland [Germany]. 1998.80.52.10 - Oesterreich-Ungarn [Austria-Hungary]. 1998.80.52.11 - Frankreich [France]. 1998.80.52.12 - The British Isles - England. 1998.80.52.13 - Spanien & Portugal [Spain & Portugal]. 1998.80.52.14 - Balkanhalbinsel [Balkan Peninsula]. 1998.80.52.15 - Italien [Italy]. 1998.80.52.16 - Skandinavien [Scandinavia]. 1998.80.52.17 - Indien [India]. 1998.80.52.18 - Palastina [Palestine]. 1998.80.52.19 - Union [United States of America].

Creator: Kunz, Martin

Interview Date: / /

Collection: APH Collection

Credit Line: APH Collection, 1998.80

Publisher: Illzach, Germany

Publisher Place: Illzach, Germany

Publish Date: 1904

Subjects: Geography. Maps for the blind and visually impaired Maps.