Picht Schreibmaschine


Accession Number: 2016.18

Description: (a) Black enameled steel base, which is attached to bottom of wooden case with two screws; nickel-plated steel carriage on back, which holds a black rubber-covered wooden paper roller with a knurled steel knob on the right; a much smaller, knurled metal roller is fixed under the main roller; a spring loaded paper guide bar is on top of the roller, and a thumb-screw fits into a series of five holes on a bar on the back of the carriage to adjust the paper margins; "2128" stamped into the paper bar; gold index table is stenciled on the front right of the base, below the stenciled table is a second table embossed in braille; an arrow-shaped indicator window slides left and right over the table; a plated lever on the front middle advances a cylindrical "daisy" wheel printhead toward the paper roller when pushed and advances the carriage one space; a spring-loaded inking roller mounted to the right of the printhead slides out of the way, brushing the typehead with ink, as the lever is depressed; a bell mounted on top of the printhead strikes a tone as the lever is depressed; two levers mounted to the left of the printhead raise it to a middle and a top position to allow all three of the layers on the printhead to be utilized; line end indicator bell mounted to right of printhead; stenciled on index table in script, "Schreibmaschine Picht"; (b) wooden case: blonde finish, finger-jointed; leather carrying strap attached to front with two brackets; four brass hooks on sides loop around screws on base of case; paper instruction sheet glued inside lid (transcription available.)

Height: 4.375

Width: 13.5

Depth: 6.75

Date Made: ca. 1907

Maker: Picht, Oskar

Place of Origin: Berlin, Germany

Subjects: Assistive technology Braille Mechanical writing Typewriting

Dimension Notes: overall, in case

Made: Herde und Wendt

Material: Wood, steel, rubber, wood, nickel

Updated: 02/15/2021