Photograph of blind girls weaving baskets at Camp Munger, Iona Island, NY

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2003.17

Description: Black and white photograph with glossy finish shows seven girls, sitting outside of a rustic building, weaving baskets. On the reverse is glued a paper label that identifies the photography studio and describes the photo. "Blind Girl [sic] In Vacation Camp Learn To Swim, Do Housework, Handicraft, and Play. It isn't a very easy thing for a blind girl between the ages of eleven and eighteen to have a good time, with the most valuable gift taken from them. A number of blind girls of this age, are vacationing at Camp Munger, Iona Island, N.Y., under the auspices of the New York Association for the Blind. They are being taught to swim, do housework, other handiwork and play. Six councilors have been assigned to the camp. Later on, when they are thoroughly instructed, they in turn, will teach others, how to be happy, despite their great handicap. Blind girls doing basket work. without sight they are remarkable weavers." --descriptive label.

Print Size: 6 x 8 in.

Date: 1920s

Photographer: Fotograms

Subjects: Photographs. Blind children. Recreation.