Perkins Institute Model 13 Desk Slate

Slate, Desk

Accession Number: 2006.12.1

Description: Perkins Institute Model 13 Desk Slate; rectangular wooden board with parallel grooves in sides, seven pairs of holes in grooves to hold pins in the slate; nickel plated brass paper clamp riveted to top of board, clamp has a piano hinge with a steel wire pin, two teeth on bottom pass through holes in the top plate of the clamp; nickel plated brass slate, four rows of 34 cells, cells have dimpled cutouts to hold stylus point in proper position; raised bead horizontally on top of slate between the second and third row of cells; steel pin on piano hinge; single pin (down) on top frame of slate passes through matching hole in bottom frame; bottom plate of slate has six hollows punched under each cell to help form proper dots.

Height: 12.625

Width: 10.5

Depth: 0.75

Date Made: ca. 1935

Place of Origin: Watertown, MA

Credit Line: Gift of Tommy Angell, 2006.12

Subjects: Boards (writing) Braille Slates Tactile writing

Made: Perkins Institution for the Blind

Material: Wood, brass, nickel

Exhibit Label: Slate, Desk

Updated: 07/22/2015