Perkins Brailler


Accession Number: 2014.21.4

Description: (a) writer: gray crackled-enamel finish over cast aluminum chassis; rounded tray under keyboard has two oval cutouts on bottom that allow it to serve as a handle; nine dark gray plastic keys on lower front--spacebar in middle; to left of spacebar are keys for dots 1, 2, and 3, and line spacing key at far left; to right of spacebar are keys for dots 4, 5, and 6, then backspace key at far right; cast into keyboard guard, "PERKINS BRAILLER"; dark gray plastic carriage lever emerges from slot above keyboard; bright aluminum embossing head is mounted to carriage, which is largely concealed within the writer chassis; bright aluminum carrying handle on top of chassis folds down into recessed storage slot; two (2) flat nickeled-steel paper release levers on either side of the top of the writer; gray plastic paper roller knobs on both sides of writer; on back of writer are two margin stop levers and a sliding thumbscrew paper guide knob; label on front of keyboard tray, "Designed by David Abraham/Manufactured and Distributed by/Howe Memorial Press/Perkins School for the Blind/Watertown, Mass. U.S.A"; serial number G0338; (b) hinged wooden carrying case covered with brown faux linen paper; two brass-plated steel lockable latches, brown plastic handle on front; inside lined with red leatherette; two spring bars with red rubber rollers secure writer in case; key on string tied to handle; embossed in gold above handle, "Perkins Brailler" with metal tag for "Winship Luggage".

Height: 6.25

Width: 15.25

Depth: 9

Date Made: n.d.

Maker: Howe Memorial Press

Place of Origin: Watertown, Mass

Credit Line: Gift of Fred Gissoni

Subjects: Assistive technology Braillewriters. Mechanical writing

Dimension Notes: Overall writer dimension. Case is 11 x 16 x 6.5"

Made: Howe Memorial Press

Material: Aluminum, steel, rubber, cardboard, wood, brass, plastic

Updated: 05/18/2021