Patterns: The Primary Braille Reading Program. Readiness Level

Kit, Learning

Accession Number: 2019.9.1a-g

Summary/Description: The first level of Patterns: The Primary Braille Reading Program, a series of instructional materials "designed to teach reading to children who will use braille as their principal learning medium." Hilda Caton, project director; Eleanor Pester, assistant project director; Eddy Jo Bradley, senior editor. "Produced pursuant to Grant No. G007500595 from the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, U.S. Office of Education, Department of Health, Education and Welfare" --title page verso of pupil's texts. The teacher's kit includes pupil's texts (2 basal readers), worksheets, and a posttest, all single-side embossed in double-spaced lines of braille, and teacher's editions of those materials in standard print; APH catalog number 6-78000-00. Kit items: a) go and do (pupil's text; 1 volume) b) letters and you (pupil's text; 1 volume) c) Teacher's Edition for pupil's texts (131 pages; includes 49 lessons) d) Worksheets, Teacher's Edition (11 pages) e) Posttest, Teacher's Edition (15 pages; test designer: Earl F. Rankin) f) Worksheets (32 unbound sheets) g) Posttest (11 unbound sheets) Color-coded red, the pupil's texts and Teacher's Editions in this level have red paper covers and are comb-bound (red plastic). Worksheets and posttest sheets, bundled separately in paper bands, are packaged in manila envelopes that have print labels on front. A Swing Cell (braille cell model) and a Scope and Sequence Chart were also available for use with the Patterns series (see separate catalog records). Kit Items could also be purchased separately, and braille versions of teacher's editions were only available through separate purchase.

Author: Caton, Hilda

Collection: APH Collection

History/Provenance: This kit was transferred in 2019 to the APH Museum from APH Research. It had been in storage with other project materials of Eleanor Pester. The Readiness Level of Patterns: The Primary Braille Reading Program was made available by the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) in 1980. APH Research staff responsible for the project were Hilda Caton and Eleanor Pester. Eddy Jo Bradley, who had worked with publishers Harper & Row and Scott, Foresman, was the editorial director. In January 2007, APH announced that the Readiness Level would be phased out and replaced by a new product, Building on Patterns: Kindergarten Level.

Credit Line: APH Transfer, 2019.9

Publisher: American Printing House for the Blind

Publisher Place: Louisville, KY

Publish Date: copyright 1982

Subjects: Braille Instructional materials Printing and writing systems Reading

Physical Description: 1 kit: 2 volumes of braille (5.5 x 11 inches); 3 volumes of standard print (11 x 8.75 inches); 2 envelopes (15 x 12.5 inches) containing worksheets and posttest in braille (11 x 11.5 inches)