Parable play, Yokohama Christian School for Blind Children, Japan

Print, Photographic

Accession Number: 2009.24.16.286

Description: Black-and-white glossy. Six boys stand on a stage wearing school uniforms and some costuming, and they are using props. Two of the children are playing an animal, and they are wearing a light-colored sheet, which completely covers one of the boys. Two pieces of wood with vines are set up like a gate, and the backdrop has lines in the shapes of a sand dune, palm trees, and people riding camels. The number "70" is written in the bottom right section. Reverse is blank. Paper with description: handwritten in blue ink, "70. Dramatizing the parable st. is the way and (narrow the gate) Easier for a camel to go thro the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven. We brought nothing into this world + we can take nothing out of it. Lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven."

Medium: Photographic Paper

Print Size: 3.625" (h) x 6.125" (w)

Photographer: Not identified

History/Provenance: Received with John Milton Society for the Blind (JMS) records from the American Foundation for the Blind.

Credit Line: AFB Migel Memorial Library Collection, 2009.24

Subjects: Blind children Boys Children performing in theatrical productions Christianity Costumes Japan Parables Performances Schools Schools for the blind and visually impaired