Painting an APH Geophysical Globe

Transparency, Slide

Accession Number: 2003.220.12.6-8

Description: Three color slides show Bonnie Rogers at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) applying yellow paint to a raised landmass (Antarctica) on the southern hemisphere of the Geophysical Globe, a product that was manufactured by the company. She is seated at a table, a narrow paintbrush in her right hand, the globe section in front of her. Each slide shows the progression of the painting. The last slide also shows a partially-painted northern hemisphere at far left, behind an open bottle of yellow paint, and, in the background at far left, a stack of yellow, bottom sections of light boxes. Slide mounts are dated March 1991 and have a copyright symbol and name of photographer stamped in black ink.

Medium: Photographic Film

Date: 1991

Photographer: Tanner, Adam

History/Provenance: Photographs were taken for the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) for use in promotional material. Transferred to the APH Museum from the APH Communications Department.

Subjects: Globes for the blind and visually impaired Instructional aids, tools, and supplies Manufacturing processes Products Photographs